We make the video production process less painful. 


We believe that the video production process doesn't have to be so painful. Because the best stories, the best interviews, the best moments come from an environment where people are enjoying themselves, being creative and telling a story. 

How do we create that environment? Process. It's a mix of experience, instinct, planning and spontaneity. It starts with careful planning -- writing, re-writting, shooting, and editing, while still allowing room for those magical spontaneous moments. We plan so that we have room for the unplanned.

We believe in our process because we've seen it work time and time again, helping us to create a video production experience that's less painful and whole lot more fun.


Our Services.

We do a lot of cool stuff.


Script writing
Project Planning
Concept development
Project Management

Video Production (Filming)
4K/2K/1080P Capable
Sound Recording
Voice Over Recording

Post Production 
Video Editing
Color Correction
Sound Mixing
Motion Graphics / Animation
Visual Effects




Project Types
Lifestyle Video
Commercial Video
Brand Documentary
Promotional Video
Event "Sizzle" Reels / Recap
Event Videography
Live Event Video
Explainer Video
How To Video
Online Education Video
Social Media Videoo
Corporate Video
VR Video
Music Video


Our Process.

Equal Parts Planning and Spontaneity.

.01 Research

In the video world, we call this “pre-production” but that makes it sound more stale than it is. We start every project with research. It's important to understand exactly what we're going to make before we go and make it. We get in a room with our clients and explore ideas, concepts, stories and budget. At this point, there are no bad ideas. Nothing is off limits. 



.03 Production

This is the fun part. We’ve done the planning, so we're free to follow where inspiration takes us. If the moment calls for us to go off script and catch something magical, so be it. Whether it's with a two person team or a ten person crew, we go out and capture what will best serve the story we're telling, leaving plenty of room for the spur-of-the-moment, off-the-cuff scenes that just can't be planned for. 

.02 Write / Script

We emerge from the research stage with a direction and get to work planning the visuals that will illustrate that direction. Good work on the front end (concepts, scripts, ideas, production plans) results in good work on the back end. We write and re-write and toss crumbled pieces of paper on large stacks by a wire trash bin... we wrestle with the script until we have something that we're confident in and proud of. Only then are we ready for step 3. 


.04 Edit / Post-Production

Someone much smarter than us once said, “You make three films: the one you write, the one you shoot, and the one you edit.” We practically have this tattooed on our arms. We did the planning, we did our shooting and now we chisel that stone into a work of art. We like to assemble a polished rough edit, and then work with our clients to whittle it down into its final state.  

Our Team.

We're a team. Get to know us.  

MARK SKALA. FOUNDER, Creative Director

Mark is our fearless leader. He basically does everything. He runs the business, he’s the primary director, camera operator and editor. He does concept development, shoot planning, business development, and payroll. He digs cheap gas station sunglasses, trying new things (but mostly food and drink), home brewing, and really good pho. He hates hot dogs. 


AARON DOLAN. cinematographer & editor

Aaron makes our videos look amazing. He is a director of photography, camera operator, editor extraordinaire. He is likely to be found eating a burrito while making up puns on the fly. He's keen on exploring new places, roasting his own coffee and wearing clip-on sunglasses. He claims cilantro tastes like soap, and he doesn't want to taco 'bout it.



Pete makes still pictures move. Some call it "animation" some call it "motion graphics." We call it visual magic. He likes the Buffalo Bills, sipping negronis, driving zambonis, calling people “bud” but don't let that smile fool you, he is SERIOUS about what he does.


Jon Kaplan. Assistant EdITOR

Bold and calculated, Jon probably should of been a politician. Instead he's our  Skalawag Production’s brilliant assistant editor. Like a detective searching for clues, Jon’s greatest asset is his ability to dive into the metric butt ton of footage we capture and find the nuggets. Simply put, he sets us up for success. He digs suspenders, singing in The Muzzlers, drinking daiquiris, talking politics, and playing Go with old dudes at the park. He hates being compared to Zac Galifinakas. So don't do it. 

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