About Us

It starts with an idea. 


"Strangers will rent each other's apartments if they can see their faces." "It should be easy to share videos online." These are all ideas that changed the way we live our lives. They moved us to better ourselves or the lives of those around us — to drink better, to eat better, to connect with strangers, to write, to paint, to build, to create.

Big or small, ideas hold power, and it's our job to help clients take theirs and turn them into videos that move hearts and minds (and wallets). We employ a process that's a mix of experience, instinct, planning and spontaneity to tell our client's stories. No matter your background, passions, or ideals, the best way to connect with an idea is to be told a story.



Our Process

A dash of planning, a sprinkle of improvisation and a pound of editing. 


01: Research

We start every project with research. It's important to understand exactly what we're going to make before we go and make it. We get in a room with our clients and explore ideas and concepts to get to the heart of the story we're going to tell.  

02: Script

Once we have our direction, we write a script to guide the shoot. Diligent work on the front end is the best way to produce great work at the end of the day. That's what this stage is about: turning our concepts into words and visuals. 

03: Shoot

This is the fun part. We’ve done the planning, so we're free to follow where inspiration takes us. If the moment calls for us to go off script and catch something magical, so be it. We go out and capture what will best serve the story we're telling.

04: Edit

Someone much smarter than us once said, “You make three films: the one you write, the one you shoot, and the one you end up with.” With that in mind, we chisel down the stone into a work of art. 



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